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                                      Stephen’s Purpose, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 that                                         began to honor the memory of Robert                                               Stephen Gilmore a three time cancer                                                 survivor who passed on February 16, 2016                                         from colon cancer. Stephen was initially                                             diagnosed at 3 years old with a brain tumor                                       (Medulloblastoma).

                                     At 15 years old, Stephen was diagnosed      with colon cancer as a result of the damage from treatment for the brain tumor. He was known of King Robert’ at Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem because of his love for the other children there. He was lovingly called Stephen for most of his life.

Stephen was a faithful and inspirational young man who was very passionate. His passion was his love of God, football, LeBron James and The Carolina Panthers. He adopted their moto “Keep Pounding.” As a teen, he decided to start saving his own money for gas cards for other families.


That led to the SISI’s Robert Stephen Gilmore Childhood Cancer Initiative which gave $25 gas cards to families to help with transportation cost to and from the hospital. In the spring of 2018, Stephen’s Purpose, Incorporated was founded by his mother, Wendy Baskins.

Stephen’s Purpose is committed to S.A.E. (Support, Advocacy and Education for childhood cancer families and education for the intellectually delayed).

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Salisbury, NC USA

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