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8/28/2023 - ROWN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - A young man from Rowan County who died from cancer in 2016 is being remembered with a 5K walk/run that is intended to help those who are suffering from cancer.

Robert Stephen Gilmore was a three time cancer survivor who passed on February 16, 2016, from colon cancer. Stephen was initially diagnosed at 3 years old with a brain tumor (Medulloblastoma). At 15 years old, Stephen was diagnosed with colon cancer as a result of the damage from treatment for the brain tumor.


8/27/2023 - SALISBURY — For his entire life, Robert Stephen Gilmore was a fighter. Diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of three, Stephen never let that disrupt his positive outlook on everything around him. When he was diagnosed with colon cancer at 15, it was a complication that may have weakened Stephen physically, but not his resolve to put other people first.  


“He was a young man of courage and faith for life from the beginning of his journey. He never seemed to worry about what was going with him, he always concerned about everybody else. He always wanted to help, that’s the kind of spirit he had,” Wendy Baskins, Stephen’s mother, said.


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